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Auto Auction of New England Celebrates 22 Years with a Splash

On Thursday, June 8th, the Auto Auction of New England rode the wave into 22 years of service on a sunny and festive auction day. The event highlighted New England's zest for summer with events and prizes to enjoy the sun and surf. In addition to the full lanes of cars and trucks, a fully catered BBQ lunch and over $15,000 worth of prizes, dealers competed on a mechanical surfboard for a $1000 cash prize. 

AANE's celebrated its 22nd Anniversary with a splash, with a huge sale and plenty of activities reflecting their customers' zest for sun and surf, including a competition on a mechanical surfboard.

"Everyone would agree," stated Steve DeLuca, General Manager, "that it looked easier than it was. Dozens of dealers were up for the challenge and one lucky winner walked away with pride and prize. Not a bad way to end the day!" 

Guests included staff from the New Hampshire Auto Dealers Association and the Massachusetts RMV who consider this day each year as one of their favorite events, giving them the opportunity to thank the dealers for their support and partnership as well as provide guidance and information to the dealers throughout the day. 

"The auction is always such a busy place," added DeLuca, "and we don't always have the chance to shake the dealers' hands and show our appreciation for the business they conduct here year after year. This event gives us that opportunity." 

Bobby Drew and Tony Alba stepping up to the Ferrari at AANE's Anniversary Sale

"The consignment and attendance at the sale was strong and it reflected in the prices, continued Steve, which shows us that our dealers enjoy being appreciated. That's not a surprise. Everyone wants to be valued and this event is all about making sure each and every dealer feels like they are the reason we are here. The best part of watching the auction grow over the past 22 years is witnessing the partnerships that have developed and being part of the growth of our partner's success. The auction is a service industry. Our goal is to help our partners liquidate and acquire inventory in the most effective and profitable manner possible. Their success is our success; there is just no other way to look at this business." 

DeLuca notes that the month of June has been a ride. The market is still strong and there is no denying that prime inventory is still in high demand as many vehicles have been bringing near retail prices. The consistently low gas prices have kept the truck market strong even in the off season as New Englanders know that winter is always coming. Subsequently, trucks are doing well even in the beginning months of summer. 

"Our consignment includes a monthly GSA sale and several reputable new car consignors have signed on to run at AANE. The influx of prime inventory has caused a surge in buyer registrations and the weekly bidder number is growing exponentially. We couldn't be happier!" exclaimed DeLuca. 

A member of ServNet, Auto Auction of New England is an independent auction founded in 1995. Auctions run on Thursdays starting at 9:00 and run through six auction lanes. The auction includes a full Reconditioning, Mechanical, Condition Writing and Marketing Department. Auto Auction of New England is located in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

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