Louisiana's First Choice Auto Auction

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Hammond, LA 70401
Phone (985) 345-3302
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Website: www.lafcaa.com
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Sale Day: Tuesday at 9:00



Louisiana's First Choice Auto Auction Gears up for Strong Growth with Key Personnel Changes.

Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction (LFCAA) of Hammond, Louisiana has made some improvements to its staff lineup to showcase its employees' strengths and talents.

The auction reports that tenured employee Katie Alombro has been promoted to Office Manager. Katie has been with the auction for eight years, working in the office where she was a title clerk. She has demonstrated leadership skills and is a prominent example of the first class service the auction provides. 

"Katie is a leader and shows what servant leadership is on a daily basis," declares General Manager Don Sistrunk. 

As part of the new promotion she will be responsible for titles, payments, collections and managing the office staff. 

Bridget Higginbotham will now be transitioning into a new role, that of Director of New Business Development. In this new position she will be pursuing and developing new accounts, both institutional as well as dealer. 

"Bridget is the best in the business when it comes to account acquisition. This is an epic move in the right direction for our auction," says Assistant General Manager Jacob Warren. 

Bridget has been with the company for 14 years and has earned respect throughout the industry with her accomplishments. 

The auction has been growing at a steady rate, and  Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction has a wealth of talent and depth when it comes to its team, says John Poteet, LAFCAA's owner and managing partner.

"Katie and Bridget show pride in their work, innovation and creativity in their jobs, and a willingness to do what it takes to make our customers happy," said Poteet.  "In short, they are successful, loyal employees and are a representative of the type of people that work here. I am proud of them and their achievements."

Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction, located in Hammond, Louisiana has served the dealers of the Gulf Coast and surrounding states since 2002. Their experienced and friendly staff is eager to assist all industry customers with their remarketing needs. All customers are invited to experience the auction's signature Lagniappe every Tuesday and get a front row seat to the growth and action. 

Auction day is Tuesday at 8:45am with 700-800 dealer trades and bank repos and several special event sales throughout the year with 1000+ consignment. All vehicles are available online. Visit www.lafcaa.com for more information.

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