Louisiana's First Choice Auto Auction

18310 Woodscale Road
Hammond, LA 70401
Phone (985) 345-3302
FAX (985) 345-5735

Website: www.lafcaa.com
E-Mail: info@lafcaa.com

Sale Day: Tuesday at 9:00



Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction Hosts Epic Summer Promotions

Louisiana Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction celebrated its 15th anniversary with style, hosting the most successful sale of the year, which included over 900 units, $25,000 in prizes and over 1000lbs of crawfish. 

"We are successful because of our team," commented the auction's assistant general manager Matthew Alombro. 

After an extremely successful anniversary sale and spring, the auto auction shifts its attention to some huge summer promotions, with two premier events and a summer float promotion approaching. The Summer Lagniappe Sale & Tailgate event sales are colossal events showcasing the auction's appreciation for its customers. 

 Through the summer Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction is running a promotion that it has  termed Float Your Way Through the Summer. The auction will offer a free 28-day float on any vehicle purchased in lane 6F. This is to promote the auction's fleet customers as well as offer buyers an opportunity to save. The promotion will be available for three sale dates: June 6th, July 11th, and August 22nd. On those days dealers will receive a free root beer float in the lanes during the sale. 

"What a great opportunity to promote our amazing selling clients and offer our buyers an opportunity to buy more units over the summer," stated General Manager Don Sistrunk. 

With its signature south Louisiana Lagniappe slogan, it is only fitting that Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction host an annual event sale they affectionately call their Lagniappe Sale. This sale provides the auction an opportunity to give back to its customers and let them experience that little something extra they only get at LAFCAA. 

"We love the opportunity to show our patrons how valued they are, and this sale is a great occasion to showcase that sentiment," says Special Projects Manager Georgianne Poteet. 

The event has been a permanent fixture in LAFCAA's annual event sale lineup for five years, and the auction spares no expense. While attending the auction that day customers may receive door prizes, snow cones & ice cream as well as that signature service found only at Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction. The sale will feature 900 units featuring CPS & ARI. 

The next event on the calendar is the auction's annual tailgate event sale. This football-themed event kicks off the start of football season. Customers and employees wear their favorite football attire on sale day, and the auction is set up as tailgate party. Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction also brings in a celebrity football player for the event. In years past running back great Deuce Mcallister and Hall-of-Famer Jim Kelly have attended previous sales.  This year, LAFCAA will welcome NCAA national champion & Super Bowl champ, wide receiver Devery Henderson, who take pictures and sign autographs for auction customers.  This event will feature 800 units including ARI & CPS along with all sorts of extras.

"This is a fun event; the atmosphere created during this sale is second to none," says AGM/Marketing manager Jacob Warren.

With this roster of promotions it is shaping up to be an epic summer at Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction. Dealers are officially invited to attend every Tuesday at 8:45am.

Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction is located in Hammond, Louisiana, and serves the entire Gulf South and surrounding states. Their entire staff goes above and beyond to make sure everyone attending has the best auction experience in the industry. There is no doubt that this auction has many more anniversary celebrations in its future. From a portable building to a 15,000 square ft. facility on 35 acres with 6 lanes, a mechanic shop, and fully mechanized carwash, this auction is truly a valuable gem of the auction industry. LAFCAA is a member of the ServNet Auction Group.

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