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Hammond, LA 70401
Phone (985) 345-3302
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Website: www.lafcaa.com
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Sale Day: Tuesday at 9:00



'Tis the Season in South Louisiana

 The holidays create a lot of buzz throughout the world pertaining to a Jolly fellow who wears a red suit. But at At Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction, the holiday festivities revolve around fictional money affectionately known as John Dough

John Dough is an invented currency that can be earned by dealers throughout the year at Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction. Its name is derived from managing partner John Poteet. He and his wife Georgianne wanted to create a program that would bring something new and innovative to the lanes to promote consistency in patron attendance. The dollars can be cashed in twice a year, during what has become two of the auction's premier events:  the Anniversary Sale in May and John Dough Christmas in December. 

:Some of the gifts available to purchase with John Dough at Louisiana's
1st Choice Auto Auction

 The John Dough gift auctions create an immense amount of holiday cheer. Prizes for these events range from Apple Watches to X-series Drones. Past prizes have even included jet skis, ATVs, exotic vacation packages, Superbowl tickets and race car driving experiences. Dollars are earned by dealers through a plethora of promotions, which consist of, but are not limited to, buying and selling in specific lanes, wearing a specific color to promote a charity, or donating money to one of the many charitable organizations supported by the auction.

"John Dough has become an integral part of our culture, and dealers are excited about earning and spending it," says marketing manager Jacob Warren, "Since its inception, the program has provided us with a new way to engage our clients and reward them for choosing to do business with us." 

John Dough a brings energy to the auction lanes and creates a new kind of holiday buzz.  A variety of items are available during this year's John Dough Christmas event.

This currency has proven to be an effective way to bring energy to the auction lanes and create a new kind of holiday buzz. Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction invites you to come indulge in their John Dough events and see firsthand how consistency pays off. Sales are every Tuesday at 8:45 am and there are plenty of ways to earn that valuable Dough each week.

Independently owned and operated, Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction is located in Hammond, Louisiana. Led by managing partner, John Poteet, the team of auction professionals serve the entire Gulf Coast Region and a national online buying base. Dealers gather every Tuesday at 8:45am in six lanes and online to bid on a consignment of over 700 vehicles, including vehicles from ARI, Consumer Portfolio Services, United Auto Credit Corporation, PAR North America, Hancock Bank, Crescent Bank, First Investors Financial Services, Prestige Financial, and a wide variety of dealer trades. Auction inventory is included on Edge Pipeline, where customers may view detailed condition reports, market report information and participate in online sales. The auction is also an OVE Signature Auction with a dedicated online sales team. 

Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction is a member of the National Auto Auction Association, Independent Auction Group, and ServNet. The company is represented by TPC Management.

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