Henry Stanley Honored with IARA Circle of Excellence

Adding to an already long and impressive list of industry accolades, Henry Stanley received IARA's Circle of Excellence Award at the 2014 CAR Convention in Las Vegas. Making the presentation was Dave Alfonso, Remarketing Manager for Kia Motors America and Chairman of IARA's Industry Recognition and Awards Committee, who noted that Stanley was the unanimous choice by the IARA Board of Directors for this year's honor. 

"Henry is a man who accepts nothing less than excellence for himself, and a man who inspires excellence in all those whose lives he touches," said Alfonso. "Henry and others like him have given us the stage on which we perform, the means by which we earn our living and raise our families, and the fuel that motivates us to develop ourselves and reach for excellence."

Alfonso reminded the audience that Stanley has sold over 1 million vehicles during an illustrious career that began in 1960 when he started working as ringman, eventually learning how to auctioneer and becoming an auction owner himself. He has been an NAAA Zone President and an NAAA National President, is an NAAA Hall of Fame member, and received the Remarketer of the Year Award at last year's CAR conference. He and his wife Patty are key founders of and among the largest contributors to NAAA's Warren Young Scholarship Foundation, and are major supporters of the NAAA Political Action Committee. The pair is also actively involved in local organizations helping needy children and families as well as the wounded Warrior Project. 

"While many people have seen the visible evidence of what Henry has given back, even Henry may not be aware of the invisible treasure he has been giving to those who have entered the business behind him," stressed Alfonso. "The bar he has raised and his examples of excellence have benefited more of us than he may ever realize. He has shown us how we can succeed by placing the interests of others ahead of our own."

 Stanley and his wife, Patty, own two ServNet auctions: Carolina Auto Auction and Indiana Auto Auction. 

"I can think of no better choice for this fine award than Henry Stanley," said R. Charles Nichols, ServNet's Chairman of the Board. "ServNet's auction owners are both honored and privileged by our long association with Henry, and have experienced first-hand his passion for our industry and the people it serves. IARA's Circle of Excellence is a wonderful tribute to a true gentleman and an outstanding auction owner."

The ServNet Auction Group is a network of America's best strategically located independently-owned wholesale auto auctions. Since 1988, ServNet member auctions have been working together to provide a full range of remarketing services to its customers, including the best auctioneers, inspections, reconditioning, transportation assistance and inventory financing. The ServNet Auction Group is managed by TPC Management with headquarters in Franklin, TN. 

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