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State Line Auto Auction Observes Another Milestone

On Friday, August 18th, yet another employee was honored by joining State Line Auto Auction's Twenty Year Club. Ed Garrity was recognized at the start of the auction by the Barber family who congratulated him for his twenty year anniversary as a State Line employee. 

As is customary, Ed received a brass ship's clock to mark the event. 

"Ed has been a VERY valuable part of our body and paint shop crew from the time he started here in August of 1997,"  stated Jeff Barber, State Line's President. "For many years now, Ed has been our primary dedicated paint technician, and his skills are nothing short of remarkable."

State Line Auto Auction President with two long-time members if the auction team: Tammy Murray who celebrated 30 years at the auction in mid-August, and Ed Garrity, who recently was inducted in the Twenty Year Club.

"With the constantly changing technology that takes place in the paint industry, Ed has been outstanding as we have evolved through the years, with today's more environmentally friendly materials requiring constant education and re-tooling," said Baber. "I can honestly say that Ed is a magician when it comes to applying and matching today's myriad of tints and colors. Also, the sheer cost of materials today has made his position one of utmost importance; these new advanced colors have prices that are astronomical compared to a few years ago. Ed has been able to not only keep up with the technology, but he has always had a very positive attitude, and is extremely cooperative in a critical area of our operation".

Barber continued: "Our body and paint facility is recognized by all of our customers to be excellent, not just very good. In fact, many times repairs are announced as having been performed here in our shop, and our buyer base understands that if we did the work, they can trust that it was done to the highest standards. Obviously, Ed's skill and talents are a large part of this quality, and he is part of a core group within our body and paint shop, managed by Don Wright, that have many, many years of experience here at State Line." 

Ed Garrity with the members of State Line Auto Auction's skilled and close-knit body and paint shop.

 "Our crew in the body shop is very critical to State Line's success," concluded Barber.  "They are close-knit and very cooperative with one another, and Ed Garrity is the final touch that makes their work so valuable. We congratulate Ed on this milestone and thank him for being such a great employee."

State Line Auto Auction is a founding member of ServNet, a premier group of independent auto auctions from across the United States. The auction also operates under the Auction Edge technology platform which delivers live auction lane bidding online, provides market reports of auction sale results, and allows dealers to search and source available inventory from auctions nationwide. State Line Auto Auction is also a member of the National Auto Auction Association.

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