ServNet to Establish Client Advisory Board

ServNet’s President Kevin Brown has announced plans to form a Client Advisory Board. Participating on the ServNet’s Client Advisory Board will be representatives from key commercial accounts and institutional consignors.

Kevin Brown ServNet President

Kevin Brown
ServNet President

“The formation of a Client Advisory Board is an exciting new element in ServNet’s ongoing efforts to build relationships, enhance communications and streamline auction processes for our customers,” said Brown in making the announcement.”

Brown explains that the Client Advisory Board will include 10 to 12 executives from the national remarketing community, and will meet later in the year in conjunction with ServNet’s Fall Owners’ Meeting.

“Identifying, implementing and refining best practices is an ongoing process that stands at the core of the ServNet auction owners’ commitment to providing superior service to its customers,” said Brown. “Meeting with the Client Advisory Board will significantly enhance that process, by providing ServNet auction owners with the opportunity to meet directly with representatives from our national accounts to discuss their challenges and develop solutions that will lead to even greater success at the auction level.”

Brown notes that ServNet’s Board of Directors and auction owners join in acknowledging the role that Eric Autenrieth, ServNet’s Vice President/Treasurer, has taken on in implementing the Client Advisory Board. Autenrieth assumes the post of President of ServNet’s Board of Directors in the fall.

Eric Autenrieth ServNet VP

Eric Autenrieth
ServNet VP

“We have studied how other companies have organized Client Advisory Boards and have determined that by keeping the group small we can develop not just meaningful but actionable results that will bolster the remarketing processes for our customers and institute efficiencies in operations at our auction locations,” said Aurenrieth.

Autenrieth continues: “As independent auction owners, our focus is not on stock certificates or some other intangible transaction. Unlike our chain competitors, we are not bogged down with expense and overhead reductions that cut into the number of “boots on the ground” needed to get the job done. Of primary importance to ServNet auctions are the logistics involved in storing, transporting, and cleaning 3,000-pound pieces of metal, all the while exposing them to the broadest market in order to increase resale values for our consignors. We believe the Client Advisory Board will help all the ServNet auctions make that process even more efficient and successful.”

Pierre Pons CEO, ServNet

Pierre Pons
CEO, ServNet

“The ability to act as a group and foster meaningful and reciprocal communications with our clients is a key area that sets ServNet auctions apart from the competition,” said Pierre Pons, ServNet’s CEO. “Most ServNet auctions have already instituted Client Advisory Boards on a local level with their dealer customers. This new national Client Advisory Board as envisioned by Eric Autenrieth is a logical extension of that practice, involving key commercial accounts who remarket their vehicles across the country.”