ServNet at the Forefront of Innovation, Implementing New Technologies

ServNet auctions continue to develop and implement new technologies to enhance the vehicle remarketing process for both dealers and commercial accounts, reports ServNet's President Eric Autenrieth. The most recent is the launch of Turn Auctions, a mobile-based auction platform with enhanced buyer protections. Developed by Ryan Clark, owner of Greater Rockford Auto Auction, Turn Auctions was launched at Rockford Auto Auction last fall, and is due to roll out this spring at other ServNet auctions, including Akron Auto Auction, Dealers Auto Auction of Oklahoma City, Greenville Auto Auction and Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction.

Turn Auctions, a mobile-based platform developed by Greater Rockford Auto Auction, is the latest chapter in a long history of technological innovation spurred by ServNet auction owners.

Turn Auctions, a mobile-based platform developed by Greater Rockford Auto Auction, is the latest chapter in a long history of technological innovation spurred by ServNet auction owners.

"At the urging of its independent auction owners, ServNet has been on the cutting edge of some of the industry's most progressive technology," explains Autenrieth. "ServNet Auctions have been innovators since the beginning, and Turn Auctions is the latest in a long line of tools that have been developed, tested and deployed by our auctions. Unlike the other independent auctions who are on islands by themselves, ServNet can deploy technologies across 23 auctions coast to coast, and do so in a way that is customized to each market."

Turn offers 15-minute wholesale auctions taking place seven days a week via its iOS and Android app. Selling vehicles on Turn is open to all commercial accounts, franchise dealers and independent dealers. At the completion of a sale, the selling auction inspects the vehicle and arranges transportation.


"We strongly believe in the brick and mortar auction, but at the same time know there are benefits in evolving an omni-channel way of selling, adding to our in-lane, simulcast and out-of-the gate options," said Ryan Clark.

"One of the biggest frustrations for dealers acquiring inventory from the newest group of online-only channels is vehicles arriving with undisclosed damage or mechanical problems," Clark continued. "Returning the car and negotiating with the platform is time consuming and costly. Turn and its network of partner auctions ensure that what a dealer buys is what the dealer gets."

Clark explains that Turn gives sellers greater exposure for their vehicles and buyers the opportunity to source inventory all throughout the week. In addition, vehicle inspections and a warranty program give buyers the confidence in purchases that they cannot always get from other platforms.


"ServNet auctions have always been committed to providing our sellers and buyers with the best service. As we have investigated new technologies and selling opportunities, we have brought our experience and reputations to new marketplaces, applying what we know about selling vehicles and serving our customers over decades in the business. The result has been some of the most progressive tools in the industry, and we're excited to introduce Turn Auctions as one of them," said Autenrieth.

ServNet's history in technological innovation goes back to the early days of the digital world, recalls Autenrieth. In October of 1995, the first vehicles offered both live and electronically, via satellite feed, were processed at a General Motors closed auction at State Line Auto Auction. The first simulcast auction, using Online Ringman, was hosted by a ServNet auction in May of 1999. ServNet's initiatives fueled the development of AutoIMS (in partnership with ADESA, Manheim and BSC America), pioneered Inter-based auction selling with Online Ringman (eventually rebranded Pipeline Simulcast), and, led by the McConkey Auction Group, developed Auction Edge.

"Pioneering new technologies has involved tremendous vision, and not small sacrifice on the part of ServNet and its auction owners. But we have proved that not only can ServNet auctions be competitive in the field of innovation, but we can be nimble, and develop products that have become staples in the industry," concludes Autenrieth