February 2017 Newsletter


Mid-State A/A Daytona 500 Sale, February 24

KCI Kansas City Auctions and Aces, March 15-16

DAA/OKC March Madness Sale, March 16

Carolina A/A Race into Tax Time, through March 17

DAA Seattle NASCAR Days, March 17

DAA Northwest DAA After Dark, March 22-23

Houston A/A 53rd Anniversary Sale, March 28

ServNet Makes Way for Next Generation


ServNet's Board of Directors is led by first-generation auction owners Kevin Brown (Missouri Auto Auction) and Patty Stanley (Indiana and Carolina Auto Auctions). But the remaining five seats are filled by owners who have followed their parents into the auction business.

"ServNet benefits a great deal from the contributions that our next generation owners make as they serve on the board. Their participation helps ensure the vitality, longevity and strength of our organization," says ServNet CEO Pierre Pons.

ServNet Expands Scholarship Program

ServNet's scholarship program, which was unveiled in 2016, has been expanded this year to include two additional awards. Up to eight awards are available this year for full-time study at accredited institutions. The application deadline for this year's Scholarship Awards is March 31, 2017.

McConkey Auctions Earn Accolades.
The McConkey Auction Group's Spokane, Kansas City and Seattle locations have been recognized throughout the industry in recent months.

DAA/OKC Marks Bowl Month with Super Sales,
celebrating with two special events in February: the Big Bowl Sale on February 2 and the Big Bowl Celebration on February 16.

Trucks & Rentals Result in Successful 2-Day Event at Carolina A/A.
The auction paired its second annual Truck Sale with a Rental Vehicle Sale the following day, making for two great days in the lanes on February 7th & 8th.  

Greenville A/A Launches Spring Promotions.
Auction general manager Billy Willis reports that three major promotional events are feeding the excitement the lanes.