ServNet,is the Nation’s premier independent auction network, we build cooperative business relationships through our group, and accelerate the value of dealer-only auctions using the most up-to-date services and technologies.

About Us

Since 1988, ServNet member auctions have been working together to provide the full range of remarketing services, including the best auctioneers, inspections, reconditioning, transportation assistance and inventory financing.

ServNet auction services are used by new and used vehicle dealers, auto manufacturers, car rental companies, banks, financial institutions, and fleet and leasing management operations.

All ServNet auctions are members of the National Auto Auction Association.

Serving Our Members

Independent Auto Auctions face many challenges, including vehicle acquisition, navigating supply chain issues, accurate vehicle documentation, building strong seller relationships, logistics and transportation, auction planning, technology, and online presence. ServNet Auctions continues to deploy services and technologies to help our members overcome these challenges, adapt to a changing market, and meet the needs of their customers.

The ServNet Auction group is the nation's premier network of independent auto auctions. These auctions are strategically located across the United States. Cooperating to build business relationships, ServNet Auctions work together to provide the latest in services and technologies to its customers.