About ServNet

Did you know that in 2020, when national auction volumes fell by up to 19.5%, ServNet Auctions did significantly better than overall industry reports and quickly rose in 2021, with auction volumes up 11.5% in the first quarter? That is the story of ServNet, a network of America’s Premier Independent Auto Auctions.

Since 1988, ServNet member auctions have been working together to provide the full range of remarketing services, including the best auctioneers, inspections, reconditioning, transportation assistance and inventory financing. ServNet auction services are used by new and used vehicle dealers, auto manufacturers, car rental companies, banks, financial institutions, and fleet and leasing management operations.

ServNet member auctions primarily operate as dealer-only auctions on a weekly basis. This means that only licensed car dealers are allowed to participate in these auctions. However, some ServNet auction sites also hold public auctions for government and similar vehicles.

One of the key technologies provided by ServNet Auctions is EDGE Pipeline. It is a digital platform that offers real-time auction sale information from auctions within the ServNet network. EDGE Pipeline enables registered car dealers and auction institutional consignors to access comprehensive data, including inventory reports, sale lists, market reports, pre- and post-sale results, no sale lists, vehicle search engines, and notification features. Non-dealers have limited access to public information on this platform.

Overall, ServNet Auctions collaborate as a network to deliver the latest services and technologies to their customers, with the goal of enhancing business relationships and facilitating efficient vehicle transactions.

All ServNet auctions are members of the National Auto Auction Association.


ServNet Auctions

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