Tallahassee Auto Auction has been owned and operated as a BSCAmerica auction since 1995, and has established itself as a vibrant trading market among buyers and sellers in the Florida Panhandle Region. Named "The Best Kept Secret in the South" by Florida's Independent Auto Dealers Association, the Tallahassee Auto Auction offers a broad consignment inventory in all vehicle categories: cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, vans, boats and heavy equipment. With 25+ years of experience in providing full-service performance solutions, Tallahassee Auto Auction's record of accomplishment clearly differentiates it from the competition. The auction provides solid performance and sales solutions, incorporating the science of business with warm southern hospitality.

Location/Facility/Operations: Tallahassee Auto Auction operates in a recently remodeled facility situated on 12 acres within the city limits of Tallahassee, Florida. Located on the main thoroughfare of Capital Circle, the auction located just 4 miles east of Tallahassee Regional Airport. The facility accommodates 600 sale-day vehicles, with additional acreage dedicated to inventory storage and customer parking of 500 vehicles. The auction provides complete auction services, including transportation, reconditioning and repair, inventory management, electronic payment and post-sale reporting. Tallahassee Auto Auction has extensive auction data processing capabilities which include an automated data interface that is linked directly with the AutoIMS web-based inventory management system. With autoims.com access, clients can independently track inventory that is assigned to the auction via a web-based inventory management system.

As an affiliate company within the BSCAmerica organization, Tallahassee Auto Auction has the support of executive management that represents a broad industry background and direct experience in handling vehicles for a variety of clients. Tallahassee Auto Auction's customers include fleet and leasing companies, banks and credit unions, auto dealers, rental car agencies, insurance companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies. A continuing commitment to customer service and fairness to every dealer has made Tallahassee Auto Auction the fastest growing auction in this region.

5249 Capital Circle SW
Tallahassee, FL 32305
Phone: (850) 878-6200
FAX: (850) 942-9830

Email: Jeremy.Cunningham@bscamerica.com

Sale Day: Friday