ServNet Elects New Board Members, Applauds Chad Baileys Inauguration as NAAA President


Two ServNet auction owners have been tapped to serve on the group's Board of Directors, announces Eric Autenrieth, ServNet's President.  Ryan Clark, Director of Greater Rockford Auto Auction, and Matt Fetter, President of Clark County Auto Auction, were elected to the Board at a recent ServNet Owners' Meeting, held in October in Chicago. The pair replace outgoing Board members Steve DeLuca of Auto Auction of New England and Ashley Dietze of the W. Walker Auction Group, both of whom completed two-year terms.

"We are delighted to announce the addition of Ryan Clark and Matt Fetter to ServNet's Board of Directors and look forward to working with them," said Autenrieth.  He explains that the change is part of a planned rotation in governance, with all members of the Board serving regular two-year terms. "By the same token, we are grateful for the contributions made by Ashley Dietze and Steve DeLuca during their tenure and express our appreciation for their hard work on our behalf."

Clark and Fetter join Beth Barber (State Line Auto Auction), who will continue as a Director for an additional year. ServNet's officers include John Poteet (Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction), Treasurer; Bruce Beam (Dealers Auto Auction of Oklahoma City), Vice President; Eric Autenrieth (Carolina Auto Auction, Indiana Auto Auction), President; and Kevin Brown (Missouri Auto Auction), Chairman of the Board.  

Autenrieth notes that, like their predecessors on the Board of Directors, Clark and Fetter are next generation auction owners, who have not only inherited businesses from parents and grandparents, but are part of a legacy of strong and independent auction ownership. "We're seeing a shift to next generation ownership in the independent auction community and are particularly gratified to see the benefits it brings to the ServNet auction group," said Autenrieth. "Matt and Ryan bring the perspective and values embedded in long-running and successful family-owned auctions to the table, along with fresh and forward-looking ideas that will shape our group and the industry."

Continued Autenrieth, "Since ServNet's founding in 1988 we have been fortunate to have many strong and committed auction owners who give tirelessly of their time and resources to our organization and to the industry. We are pleased to see that sense of service and responsibility being carried forward by our colleagues who are among the next generation of auction owners. Their contributions ensure the continued success of ServNet and the health of the remarketing community."


Ryan Clark heads an auction facility that was founded by his grandfather and has been operated by the Clark family for more than 40 years.  Under the Clark family's leadership, Greater Rockford Auto Auction continues to be highly-regarded, known throughout the region for its dedication to its customers, high standards of service and commitment to the industry.

"I am excited to have this opportunity to participate on ServNet's Board of Directors," said Clark.  "Since we joined ServNet in 2015 we have learned a great deal from ServNet's auction owners and have admired the dedication of those who serve so tirelessly on the Board.  It is exciting to be part of such a dynamic group of family owned-owned businesses, and to have the opportunity to work with them to advance our interests within the industry."


Matt Fetter is president of one of ServNet's newest auction locations, Clark County Auto Auction, which joined the group in January of 2018. Also a third-generation auction owner, Fetter oversees a world-class facility that was named NAAA's Midwest Auto Auction the Year in 2017 and is consistently ranked among the 10 highest sellers for OVE.

"Being named a ServNet auction opened an exciting new chapter for us at Clark County Auto Auction," said Fetter. "In meeting with ServNet auction owners I have been impressed with their knowledge and experience as well as their willingness to share ideas and their vision for the future. Collaborating with them will strengthen our auction and fortify the markets we serve." 


Autenrieth notes that answering the call to serve the industry is another third-generation auction owner, Chad Bailey, President of Akron Auto Auction, who takes on the post of NAAA President in November during the 2018 Conference in Arizona.  In doing so he joins a distinguished group of industry leaders who have directed the activities of the NAAA.  Among the past presidents of the NAAA are several of ServNet's own who have set a precedent for involved, active leadership: Henry Stanley (Carolina and Indiana Auctions), Raymond Nichols (BSC America), and Bob McConkey (the McConkey Auction Group).

"The NAAA has been a vital force in contributing the heath and success of the industry, so I feel it is important to give something back," says Bailey. "What I have found by participating in the Association is that you're right there when problems surface and solutions are found. In the end, it helps your business -- our business -- our industry."

"The involved participation by ServNet's auction ownership is a distinguishing factor that not only strengthens us as a group but gives ServNet Auctions a competitive advantage in the marketplace," concludes Autenrieth.  "Their service provides leadership not only to ServNet, but to the broader independent community and the industry at large."