Dealers Rely on ServNet to Support Online Sales

Thousands of auto dealers all over the country attend ServNet auctions each week to buy the best inventory available in the wholesale marketplace. Having established strong relationships with their local ServNet auctions that go back years, even generations, franchise and independent auto dealers rely on the personal attention and superior services that have made ServNet auctions consistent leaders in the marketplace.

In today's remarketing world, however, dealers are looking farther afield for the right vehicles to buy, making use of the many digital tools available to them to search for and purchase inventory from areas far beyond their geographic base. The number of vehicles selling online continues to grow at a rapid pace, with some in the industry projecting that upwards of 50% of vehicles at auction will sell in a digital environment in the near future. As dealers add online buying to their arsenal of purchasing tools, they are realizing more than ever before the benefits of doing business with ServNet auctions.

Bruce Beam DAA/OKC General Manager ServNet President-Elect

Bruce Beam
DAA/OKC General Manager
ServNet President-Elect

"In the wholesale automotive marketplace, auto dealers are sourcing their inventory nationally in ever-increasing numbers," observes Bruce Beam, General Manager of DAA/OKC, ServNet's Preside-elect, and chairman of the Group's Dealer Relations Committee. "The beauty of purchasing a vehicle anywhere within ServNet's national network of auction is that an online transaction can be made with confidence, with the benefits and support then offered by a dealer's local ServNet auction."

WIth the majority of online sales, a vehicle's average destination is greater than 500 miles from the selling auction, Beam explains. While it's a simple process to purchase a vehicle online, customers have expressed concerns about the logistics involved when there's an issue with the vehicle when it arrives at the dealership. If the dealer needs help, it takes too long, and isn't practical to send the vehicle back to the purchasing location.

"Within the ServNet community, no matter how far away the selling auction is, there is a ServNet auction near you to stand behind the transaction," says Beam. "An online transaction at a ServNet auction goes far beyond the computer technology that makes nationally sourcing and purchasing possible, and easy. Our independent auction owners work together, so that following the sale, the customer receives the follow-up and support from their local ServNet auction, working with the people they have known for years and do business with on a regular basis."

"An online transaction is bigger than just dealing with an app or a selling location," says R. Charles Nichols, President of BSC America, whose Bel Air Auto Auction sells a large volume of vehicles online to dealers in all reaches of the country. "Buy a vehicle from a ServNet auction, and you have the benefit of our entire network of auctions."


For example, explains Nichols, a dealer from Oklahoma buys one of the lease returns coming out of the Northeast from Bel Air Auto Auction. While every effort is made with thorough inspections at the point of sale, if the dealer discovers an issue with the car when it arrives at his dealership, he can take that vehicle to his local ServNet auction, Dealers Auto Auction of Oklahoma City, and they'll work with Bel Air to resolve it. He adds that ServNet auctions honor payment methods established by a dealer's local auction, have transportation contacts nationwide and all use Auction Access for ease in cross registration.

"In today's remarketing environment, a dealer can buy a vehicle anywhere, but when it comes to experience, dependability and a full range of services, there's only one choice: a ServNet auction," concludes Beam. "With 22 ServNet auction locations nationwide a dealer can be secure knowing that there's a ServNet auction nearby to help, no matter where they buy. From coast to coast, ServNet has you covered."