August 2017 Newsletter


KCI Kansas City Guitars & Cars, August 16-17

DAA/OKC NAAA Week Celebration, August 17

Mid-State A/A 34th Anniversary Sale, August 18

Missouri A/A 17tth Anniversary Sale, August 18

LAFCAA Tailgate Sale, August 22

Carolina A/A Hog Roast Sales, August 23

Greater Rockford A/A Country Round Up Sale, August 23

DAA Northwest Corn Roast Sale, August 23-24

Indiana A/A 9th Annual Hog Roast, August 24

DAA Seattle Salmon Sale, September 15

Greenville A/A 7th Anniversary Sale, September 21

Bel Air A/A Harvest Sale, October 19


ServNet Increases Focus on Buyers

As the volume of vehicles offered in the auction lanes and online shifts from predominantly dealer vehicles to commercial and fleet/lease units, ServNet Auctions are increasing their focus on making transactions EASY for their dealer customers, reports ServNet's President Kevin Brown. 

"Dealers are accustomed to exemplary service and seamless transactions at ServNet Auction locations," says Brown. "But as the nation's best independently owned auto auctions, ServNet Auctions are focused on staying ahead of the market and anticipating trends, and are directing even more attention on facilitating auction transactions for its dealer buyers during this market cycle." 

22nd Annual Rock & Roll Sale Brings Record Consignment to DAA Northwest.
Many months of additional planning paid off, as DAA Northwest offered a record 5,050 units during this year's Rock & Roll Sale on July 19th and 20th.

Louisiana's 1st Choice A/A Invests in Safety.
Two of the suggestions discussed at a recent NAAA Safety Briefing will soon be implemented to enhance safety and improve the customer experience at the auction.

Luau Makes for Festive Sale at Carolina A/A.
Auction customers enjoyed a taste of the islands during the auction's six-week long Luau Sales Event. More than 600 dealers attended the July 19th finale to bid on more than 1200 vehicles.

Indiana A/A Plans Pig Pickin' Good Time in August.
August 24th marks the 9th Annual Indiana Auto Auction Hog Roast and Car sale, when the auction will celebrate everything that is good and tasty from the world of BBQ.

AANE Honors Employees in July.
The auction team enjoyed the best days of summer together by acknowledging the contributions of their employees.

Greenville A/A Celebrates Summer with a Splash.
The last full month of summer holds plenty of excitement for customers at the auction, which launched the month of August with a jon boat and motor giveaway.