July 2018 Newsletter

ServNet Auction Owners Strengthen Industry through Service

As leaders of some of the best independent auto auctions in the country, ServNet's auction owners play vital roles in the daily operations and ongoing success of their businesses. With feet on the ground, in the lanes and on the block, they manage operations, set the bar for customer service, and produce results for buyers and sellers across the country. But for many of these owners, their work in the business of vehicle remarketing extends far beyond their own auction arenas. Many give their time and attention to their communities and the industry beyond.


Leading the charge is Chad Bailey, president and third-generation owner of Akron Auto Auction, who is currently President-elect of the National Auto Auction Association. When he takes on the post of NAAA President in the Fall, he joins a distinguished group of industry leaders who have directed the activities of the NAAA. That group of NAAA presidents includes several of ServNet's own who have set a precedent for involved, active leadership: Henry Stanley (Carolina and Indiana Auctions), Raymond Nichols (BSC America), and Bob McConkey (the McConkey Auction Group).

Many other ServNet auction owners and managers, deeply committed to the industry and generous with their time and efforts in serving the NAAA and other industry organizations, continue to handle a variety of responsibilities as officers, committee chairs and committee members.    
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Louisiana's 1st Choice A/A Rocks OVE

Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction began using OVE as a platform in 2009. Since then, a specialized team has been created which is dedicated toOVE sales and support. And they are making quite the impact.  Year-to-date wholesale transactions have more than doubled with a 68% increase over last year.


Andy Poteet, E-Commerce Manager, says "OVE is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to sell or purchase wholesale vehicles.  No matter what market you are in, you will find a commensurate group of buyers and inventory.  1st Choice further enhances the quality of experience with online selling and buying by having a dedicated online sales team available 24/7."

The auction was listed in OVE's top 10 for Independent auction dealers cars sold in February 2018 and has been name the 2017 Top Volume Independent Auction in Louisiana.

John Poteet, Managing Partner, stated.  "We think of OVE as our 7th lane," noting that the auction is adding new wholesaler and commercial accounts weekly. "With 60,000 auto dealers having access to bid on your inventory 24/7, OVE seems like a no-brainer."

Wayne Tyson, OVE Administrator commented, "Any and all vehicles can be found; we have sold a $500 Impala and a $75,000 Audi... there is something for everybody. If you want to convert your no-sales into sold units call Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction and ask for Andy Poteet or myself."

Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction, located in Hammond, Louisiana, and has served the dealers of the Gulf Coast and surrounding states since 2002. Their experienced and friendly team are eager to assist you with your remarketing needs. Experience their signature Lagniappe every Tuesday and get a front row seat to the growth and action. Auction day is Tuesday at 8:45am with 600+ dealer trades and bank repos and several special event sales throughout the year with 1000+ consignment. All vehicles are available online. Visit www.lafcaa.com for more information.

Greater Rockford Auto Auction Marks 44 Years

The Greater Rockford Auto Auction (GRAA) is gearing up for the biggest sale of the year, the GRAA'lapalooza 44th Anniversary Sale, on July 18th. To celebrate, the auction will give away $18,000 in prizes, ranging from an outdoor bar set to a 14 foot inflatable movie screen and projector.

The auction will have over 1000 vehicles running through the lanes at the event.


"GRAA'lapalooza is one sale that you will not want to miss," says Chad Anderson, GRAA's general manager. "Our anniversary sale is one of our favorite sales of the year. The entire auction team looks forward to the opportunity to thank and give back to our customers who have supported us since 1974.  They  one of the key reasons we are able to celebrate 44 years of business. We have worked hard to ensure it will be a fun filled and exciting day at the auction for everyone."

Following GRAA'lapalooza, on July 25th the auction will hold its  2nd Annual Ice Breaker Challenge.  Five dealers will compete to win $1,000, as they race to break a t-shirt out of a block of ice.   

Promotions Fire Up Lanes at Greenville Auto Auction

Kevin Stallings (right: Assistant General Manager at Greenville Auto Auction) greets Derrick Speight (Miller Auto Brokers) before the auction on Thursday.

Kevin Stallings (right: Assistant General Manager at Greenville Auto Auction) greets Derrick Speight (Miller Auto Brokers) before the auction on Thursday.

The action in the lanes is heating up at Greenville Auto Auction (GAA), fanned by the addition of several exciting promotions. After finishing its BB&T/RAC promotion, Game Central, GAA is planning a new promotion for BB&T/RAC: for every vehicle purchased, BB&T/RAC buyers will be entered into a drawing for $300. This drawing will take place at the beginning of the following BB&T/RAC sale. If the dealership drawn is not in attendance, the drawing will resume following the next BB&T/RAC sale for an additional $300. This will occur over the next 3 months.

GAA also continues its End-of-Sale Drawing this summer. The drawing starts at $100, and the dealer whose name is drawn must be present and have had at least one transaction at the sale. If the dealer is not present, the money rolls over to the following week for an additional $100. This drawing has reached $500 so far

Big and Rich will Appear at KCI Kansas City

KCI Kansas City took a different approach with this year's Guitars & Cars announcement. Prior to the auction's Fish Fry Promotional Sale on May 9th, KCI's sales and marketing team replicated Big & Rich's Save a Horse video. Teammates entered the auction arena in a 1974 white Cadillac Eldorado handing out $100 bills while Save a Horse blared in the auction arena. Dealers, filled with anticipation for the announcement, clapped and shouted with excitement. 

"We are excited to announce that Big and Rich will headline this year's Guitars & Cars event," said Doug  Doll, managing partner of KCI Kansas City.  "Big and Rich are America's Technicolor cowboys, brothers-in-arms in service to the creed that great music has no boundaries. Individually, John and Big Kenny are first-rate musicians, songwriters, producers, and entertainers. Together, they are one of the most truly original musical forces ever unleashed."

kciaa 05-19.jpg

 "We have had our eye on Big and Rich for a few years and this year was the right time to book them," Doll continued. "Customers were excited when we made the announcement and everyone is anticipating their performance because they are known for their 'over the top' live shows.".

 The 2018 Guitars and Cars event is set for August 15th and 16th. Big and Rich will perform following KCI's Wednesday corporate sale. The action continues Thursday morning with thousands of cars, exciting in-lane promotions and $20,000 in post-sale prizes.